Tough Mudder New England 2014

This experience was by far the hardest physical endeavor I have ever attempted and accomplished. July 2014, my little brother and I cruised up the long winding country road to Mount Snow in Dover, Vermont and seriously questioned our judgement and sanity.


Decked out in our best workout gear and covered in war paint, we tacked the intense course which ran up and down the ski slopes of Mount Snow. The race began with a pump-up speech on camaraderie, teamwork, and supporting our veterans. Then BANG, it all began. Up and down, and up and down the ski slopes, no discrimination between bunny or black diamond, till we felt as though our legs would collapse beneath us. The obstacles were challenging and truly required help from each other as well as the teams around us. Complete strangers were more than happy to help any and everyone that needed it.





The entire time I was saying “never again.” Now, I can’t wait to do another!




The experience of the mudder and the people involved, was incredible! There are no winners! Everyone works together and helps each other get through the race and obstacles. Complete strangers were throwing me over walls, inviting me into their groups to help with obstacles, and encouraging me and others to keep going. I’ve never experienced this level of genuine teamwork, care, and respect for others. Truly a wonderful experience!

Now then, check off the bucket list! Never again!! 10 miles up and down ski slopes is pure torture!

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