Ripest Treasure of Gaffney, SC

A trip to South Carolina to visit my cousin ended up taking me on a scenic drive from Greenville, SC to Charlotte, NC. This journey North along Interstate 85 runs right through the home town of Frank Underwood, corrupt, blood-stained politician from the Netflix original show House of Cards played by the brilliant Kevin Spacey.

One moment we are cruising at 65 mph, chit chatting about nonsense, next moment… “PEACH!” It is impossible to miss the giant 135-foot peach water tower of Gaffney, SC, known by the locals as the Peachoid. This local landmark brought up some controversy in House of Cards when a teenager gets into a car accident while texting a joke about its resemblance to a certain part of the human body. From the right angle, it certainly looks like a giant bum! But I fully believe the peach emoji has a corrupting influence and causes me to be bias on my interpretation of the Peachoid. Emojis have also ruined eggplants.

Image may contain: sky and outdoor

Image may contain: 2 people, people smiling, sunglasses and outdoor

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