Helsinki: Where to eat?

Helsinki is home to an extensive selection of delicious restaurants offering local favorites, fresh seafood, and great drinks.


Kosmos is a traditional Finnish restaurant with an interesting history. The restaurant was establish in 1924 and lasted through war and prohibition. It has primarily been run by women and stayed in the family and same location for it’s entire history. Kosmos takes pride in their Helsinki cuisine rich presence in the city over the generations. Arrive dressed well for dinner and prepared for a fine dining experience. It is well worth it!


One of the oldest restaurants in Helsinki, Juttutupa, or Juttis, was established in 1884. Juttis has a great vibe where everyone is welcome. They offer live music, entertainment, and great food! You can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, but an absolute must have is the Finnish cheese with cloudberry jam for dessert.

Cafe Frazer

Opened by chocolatier Karl Fazer, Cafe Frazer is a legend among Finnish pastry. Offering some of the best baked goods around, with crusty bread and delicious chocolate. All are handmade and fantastic!

Cafe Fazer, Helsinki | ©jit bag/Flickr

Cafe Fazer, Helsinki | ©jit bag/Flickr


Stop in at A21 after a day out on the town for round after round of fantastic cocktails. Their cocktails are fantastic and have won multiple awards. The menu offers some fun perusing as it takes you through the history of cocktails and flavors, including an entire section based on Nordic flavors. Sit back, sip, and enjoy!

Image may contain: drink and indoor

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